disease eradication lede

If every virus was wiped off the earth, ‘the world will be a wonderful place—for about a day and a half, and then we’d all die’

If given the choice to magically wave a wand and cause all viruses to disappear, most people would probably jump ...
rift valley

‘Origins’: Humans have been shaped more by Earth’s evolving geography than by genetics

In astrobiologist Lewis Dartnell's newest book, Origins: How the Earth Made Us, he outlines how geology has shaped human evolution ...

Earth’s carrying capacity and why the status quo ‘could be collectively suicidal’

The co-founder of the Breakthrough Institute has a cheery vision of the future. If only that vision were plausible ...

Extraterrestrial life may have different chemistry, but evolutionary forces will be Earth-like

If the forces of natural selection have shaped the development of life on Earth, there's no reason to believe those ...

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