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Why DNA ethnicity results are so unreliable

Everyone who received DNA test kits during the holiday season has hopefully spit or swabbed and mailed and is now ...

What if you think you’re Black, but your DNA test disagrees?

Three years ago, when Sigrid E. Johnson was 62, she got a call from a researcher seeking volunteers for a ...
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Race and genetics: How our ancestry both limits and exacerbates disease risks

Members of different ethnic groups living in the same region may have widely varying life expectancies. A wide range of ...
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Time to stop treating men and women the same when it comes to drug treatments

Studies have shown that males and females metabolize drugs differently, suggesting we should be spending more time studying those differences ...

Are doctors disregarding racial genetic risk factors when treating patients?

We know that some population groups are at greater risk for developing certain diseases. But a recent study says many ...
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DNA test limits: Current direct-to-consumer tests provide only a glimpse into our ancestry

In a recent story that made headlines, a woman’s DNA test showed she was a descendant of a lost tribe ...
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