Viewpoint: French media's 'fake news' on glyphosate herbicide endangers science in Europe

Viewpoint: French media’s ‘fake news’ on glyphosate herbicide endangers science in Europe

In Europe, technical matters which should be science-based, such as the authorization of marketing for chemicals or genetically engineered plants, ...

Far more toxic than glyphosate: Copper sulfate, used by organic and conventional farmers, cruises to European reauthorization

Over the past months, the European Union and several member nations have vigorously debated re-authorizing glyphosate, the herbicide maligned by ...

Europe missed out on GMO biotech revolution. What’s going to happen with gene editing?

As a plant geneticist in Europe, I must carefully pick my way through some of the most onerous constraints to ...
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CRISPR gene-edited food in Europe? Questions remain on crop breeding regulations

The European Court of Justice recommended new techniques be exempt from GMO regulations, but left key questions unanswered, writes Gregory ...
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Does plant patent system restrict innovation and hurt small breeders?

The one-size-fits-all approach, that imposes the patent system on the agricultural sector irrespective of the consequences, may not be in ...

How Brexit will impact the future of farming, GMOs and gene editing in Britain and Europe

What does Brexit mean for crop and animal biotechnology in Britain or Europe? How might CRISPR and New Breeding Technologies ...
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European Union reviews, rebukes bizarre Ayyadurai claim of formaldehyde in GMO soy

The "study" claiming that formaldehyde accumulates in genetically modified soybeans--widely touted by anti-GMO activists-- is an example of junk science--no ...
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Is Europe’s opposition to importing GMOs violating trade agreements?

The World Trade Organization ruled that the EU violated treaties when it banned GM imports. What's happened since? ...
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