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Farm workers fear coronavirus infection as they labor to keep US fed during COVID-19 pandemic

While millions of Americans shelter in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, farmworkers on California’s cool central coast move ...

With limited arable land available around the world, is organic farming sustainable?

This question comes up frequently in discussions of farming practices – how much arable land is there on the Earth, ...
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CRISPR: How gene editing could provide clean water, cut pesticide use and protect the environment

CRISPR has been making headlines for its potential to treat or prevent diseases. But medicine isn’t the only science where ...
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CRISPR-edited seeds ‘personalized’ for individual farms could boost worldwide food production

The seeds farmers plant in their fields can carry certain desirable traits, such as drought tolerance or pest resistance. Breeding ...
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We produce enough food on this planet to feed everyone: So why do we need GMOs?

A new "planetary boundaries" study says agriculture can be more sustainable to save the planet. Others say the numbers don't ...
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Farmers abandoning organic farming despite lure of higher price premiums

Organic food sales are booming and some studies claim it's more profitable for farmers because of cprice premiums. But costs ...
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