Infographic: Global regulatory and health research agencies on whether glyphosate causes cancer

A jury decision, while significant, is not a substitute for scientific research ...

Viewpoint: ‘Black and white’ hazard-based safety rules boost hunger in poorest countries

To the average person, “hazard” and “risk” may seem synonymous, both implying a threat that needs to be addressed. But ...
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Risk, Hazard and the Precautionary Principle: Why Europe Gets Crop Biotechnology and Chemical Regulation So Wrong

David Zaruk, Founder of GreenFacts, Environmental-Health Risk Governance Analyst, Professor at Odisee University College | July 24, 2018 Highlights: European ...

Could 2018 mark the end of the anti-GMO movement?

Editor's note: This article is part one of a three-part series by Marc Brazeau on his 2018 predictions on food, ...
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Anti-GMO activists take page out of anti-chemical and anti-BPA lobby, targeting the ‘black box’ of endocrine disruption

Anti-GMO activists are taking a page out of the anti-chemical lobby in claiming that genetic modification can disrupt normal endocrine ...
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War in Europe—Battle over glyphosate

The battle over glyphosate rages on in Europe, creating a lot of question marks over whether the popular herbicide will ...
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