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Modern Victor Frankenstein? What synthetic biologists can learn from the classic cautionary tale

Mary Shelley was 20 when she published “Frankenstein” in 1818. Two hundred years on, the book remains thrilling, challenging and ...
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Crippling costs blunt potential of drugs harvested from living cells

Biologics are drugs grown in living cells, rather than produced through chemical reactions. They can be incredibly effective, but are ...

Drug weapons: Computer designed proteins prepare to battle the next pandemic

Researchers are using computer modeling to design new antiviral proteins that could slow down, or stop, global outbreaks of deadly ...

Cancer quest: Can we drive down the cost of promising immunotherapy treatments?

The so-called fourth pillar of cancer therapy still has a major drawback - high cost that make gold appear cheap ...
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CRISPR study reporting ‘off-target mutations’ draws skepticism from other researchers

A new study found an alarming number of “off-target mutations” in mice that had their genes edited with CRISPR. But ...
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