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How do you make ice cream without animals? Train fungi to ‘act like cows’

The food company Perfect Day has found a way to replicate whey—a milk protein that’s partially responsible for dairy’s creamy ...
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Animal-free ice cream maker Perfect Day eyes launch of lab-made milk and mozzarella cheese

As many investments, new products and R&D have been slowed down in recent months, Perfect Day is continuing to grow ...
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Dessert on demand: Pressurized carbon dioxide turns flavored liquid into ‘instant ice cream’

One moment, you have a bowl of creamy chocolate liquid. Then, in an instant, it’s ice cream. Forget hocus-pocus: This ...
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Dessert of the future? This $20 a pint ice cream made with GMO yeast sells out in hours

Agri-tech start-up Perfect Day released a line of real ice cream made with lab-grown dairy that costs $20 a pint ...

Podcast: NY Times reports glyphosate in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. What’s the science?

Biologist David Oppenheimer, nutritionist Shelley McGuire: Pro-organic group's glyphosate analysis no substitute for peer-reviewed science ...
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Herbicide-tainted Ben & Jerry’s ice cream? NY Times falls for anti-science group’s dubious attack on glyphosate

The Organic Consumers Association uses junk science testing organization to claim ice cream contains trace parts-per-billion of glyphosate—at least tens ...
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