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Impossible Food's GM ingredient that gives its meatless burgers their meaty taste upheld as 'safe' by federal court, rejecting Center for Food Safety suit

Impossible Food’s GM ingredient that gives its meatless burgers their meaty taste upheld as ‘safe’ by federal court, rejecting Center for Food Safety suit

Food Dive | 
When the Center for Food Safety brought the approval of Impossible Foods' heme ingredient to the federal courts, its reasoning ...
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With GM salmon and lab-grown meat poised to hit the market, 2021 could be a turning point for food technology

Food Dive | 
The landscape is already changing. The first cell-based chicken appeared on a Singapore restaurant menu in late 2020, and several ...
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Lightlife urges Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods to drop ‘hyper-processed ingredients, GMOs’ from plant-based burgers

Food Dive | 
About a year ago, Lightlife President Dan Curtin challenged his team to make the cleanest plant-based burger they could create, ...
Beyond Meat Vegan Food

Sustainability report questions Beyond Meat’s environmental benefits, but is it a fair analysis?

Food Dive | 
Beyond Meat is lacking in environmental impact disclosures when compared to conventional meat giants Hormel and Tyson Foods, according to ...

Consumers are as open to seafood labeled ‘cell based’ as they are to ‘wild caught’ and ‘farm raised’

Food Dive | 
The research found common names using the word cell — including cell-based and cultivated from the cells of — did ...
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Animal-free ice cream maker Perfect Day eyes launch of lab-made milk and mozzarella cheese

Food Dive | 
As many investments, new products and R&D have been slowed down in recent months, Perfect Day is continuing to grow ...
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COVID-19 prompts healthier eating habits, while interest in ‘natural’ foods remains high

Food Dive | 
More than four out of five consumers say the coronavirus pandemic has changed their food habits, driving them to cook, ...

Will relaxed USDA GMO, gene-edited crop regulation fuel consumer distrust of biotech?

Food Dive | 
Plants genetically modified to make changes that also have been made through conventional breeding will not need specific federal oversight, ...
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Time to regulate plant-based meat labels? Fewer than half of consumers know vegan ‘beef’ is animal free, survey shows

Food Dive | 
Fewer than half of consumers understand that "plant-based beef" is entirely vegan, according to a study from the National Cattlemen's ...

Food companies may wait until ‘last minute’ to comply with USDA’s bioengineered labeling rules

Food Dive | 
In grocery store freezer cases, Impossible Foods' ground plant-based meat stands out .... The unique part is on the back ...
USDA GMO Food Labels Logos Confusing Cartoony

Legal experts say USDA unlikely to enforce violations of new bioengineered label law

Food Dive | 
The advice Martin Hahn, a partner at law firm Hogan Lovells, gave at the Institute of Food Technologists conference on ...
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Food companies say transparency will end public backlash against GMOs

Food Dive | 
Through the years that Okanagan Specialty Fruits worked on developing the Arctic apple — a fruit that is genetically modified so ...

Center for Food Safety sues USDA to spur release of GMO QR code labeling study

Food Dive | 
One of the most controversial aspects of the mandatory GMO labeling law signed by President Obama last summer is the ...
dannon non gmos

Dannon embraces controversial Non-GMO label for all its products, claiming ‘transparency’

Food Dive | 
By the end of 2018, all Danimals, Dannon and Oikos branded products for sale in the U.S. will feature the ...

USDA requests ‘stakeholders’ feedback as it researches what to say in federal GMO label guidelines

Food Dive | 
The U.S. Agriculture Department's Agricultural Marketing Service has started the process of figuring out how to write the guidelines for ...
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