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Convenience – not sustainability – is major driving factor behind US consumer food purchases, study finds

Convenience – not sustainability – is major driving factor behind US consumer food purchases, study finds

Lauren Manning, Samantha Oller | 
[An] American Food Journey report sheds light on a long-standing knowledge gap between producers and consumers around their expectations for food. It ...
Impossible Food's GM ingredient that gives its meatless burgers their meaty taste upheld as 'safe' by federal court, rejecting Center for Food Safety suit

Impossible Food’s GM ingredient that gives its meatless burgers their meaty taste upheld as ‘safe’ by federal court, rejecting Center for Food Safety suit

Megan Poinski | 
When the Center for Food Safety brought the approval of Impossible Foods' heme ingredient to the federal courts, its reasoning ...
future food

With GM salmon and lab-grown meat poised to hit the market, 2021 could be a turning point for food technology

Megan Poinski | 
The landscape is already changing. The first cell-based chicken appeared on a Singapore restaurant menu in late 2020, and several ...
atlantic salmon market dispaly fresh display label contains no trademarks

AquaBounty ‘on track’ to sell GM salmon by year’s end, despite court ruling calling for more environmental impact data

Megan Poinsky | 
The FDA should have given more consideration to the risks genetically modified AquAdvantage salmon posed to wild populations before approving ...
screenshot home

Lightlife urges Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods to drop ‘hyper-processed ingredients, GMOs’ from plant-based burgers

Megan Poinski | 
About a year ago, Lightlife President Dan Curtin challenged his team to make the cleanest plant-based burger they could create, ...
Beyond Meat Vegan Food

Sustainability report questions Beyond Meat’s environmental benefits, but is it a fair analysis?

Megan Poinski | 
Beyond Meat is lacking in environmental impact disclosures when compared to conventional meat giants Hormel and Tyson Foods, according to ...

Consumers are as open to seafood labeled ‘cell based’ as they are to ‘wild caught’ and ‘farm raised’

Megan Poinski | 
The research found common names using the word cell — including cell-based and cultivated from the cells of — did ...
new taste product e

Animal-free ice cream maker Perfect Day eyes launch of lab-made milk and mozzarella cheese

Megan Poinski | 
As many investments, new products and R&D have been slowed down in recent months, Perfect Day is continuing to grow ...
salad vegetable box

COVID-19 prompts healthier eating habits, while interest in ‘natural’ foods remains high

Megan Poinski | 
More than four out of five consumers say the coronavirus pandemic has changed their food habits, driving them to cook, ...

Will relaxed USDA GMO, gene-edited crop regulation fuel consumer distrust of biotech?

Megan Poinski | 
Plants genetically modified to make changes that also have been made through conventional breeding will not need specific federal oversight, ...
screenshot our food l a mex menu el pollo loco

El Pollo Loco launches plant-based menu made from in-house, ‘non-GMO’ vegan chicken

Lauren Stine | 
El Pollo Loco is now offering plant-based chicken systemwide through its new Chickenless Pollo Taco and Burrito menu items, according ...
beyond meat

Time to regulate plant-based meat labels? Fewer than half of consumers know vegan ‘beef’ is animal free, survey shows

Megan Poinski | 
Fewer than half of consumers understand that "plant-based beef" is entirely vegan, according to a study from the National Cattlemen's ...

Consumer curiosity fuels popularity of GMO Impossible Burger and other plant-based meats, survey shows

Lillianna Byington | 
The top reason why consumers decided to eat plant-based meat alternatives is because they like to try new foods, according ...

Food companies may wait until ‘last minute’ to comply with USDA’s bioengineered labeling rules

Megan Poinski | 
In grocery store freezer cases, Impossible Foods' ground plant-based meat stands out .... The unique part is on the back ...
SG How Do I Protect My Family From Foodborne Illnesses RM x

Foodborne illnesses strike almost 48 million Americans annually. Do we need better food safety testing?

Sasan Amini | 
In the U.S. alone, there are an estimated 47.8 million illnesses, more than 127,000 hospitalizations and 3,000-plus deaths attributed to ...
teen girl eating apple csz v

77% of Generation Z willing to eat CRISPR, GMO-derived foods, new report shows

Cathy Siegner | 
Members of Generation Z — those born between 1995 and 2010 — are the most willing to try foods produced ...
Screen Shot at PM

Fitness-focused consumers spur development of non-GMO soybean with 50% more protein

Cathy Siegner | 
Israel-based startup Equinom is developing non-GMO soybeans with higher protein levels, which the company said in a release will deliver a ...
USDA GMO Food Labels Logos Confusing Cartoony

Legal experts say USDA unlikely to enforce violations of new bioengineered label law

Megan Poinski | 
The advice Martin Hahn, a partner at law firm Hogan Lovells, gave at the Institute of Food Technologists conference on ...
organic labeling wide e ff bdd ad b c bab feebf b f

Organic food sales at $48 billion, now almost 6% of food, despite continued decline in market growth rate

Cathy Siegner | 
Sales of organic food in the U.S. last year totaled a record $47.9 billion — 5.9% higher than 2017, according ...
QR code food packag scan

Consumers want to buy from ethical companies, but interest in non-GMO, organic labels dropping, survey shows

Jessi Devenyns | 
A survey conducted by Crestline Custom Promotional Products showed 68.3% of American consumers want to support companies that promote similar ...
hydroponic vegetables

Pro-organic groups petition USDA to exclude hydroponic farming from organic certification

Cathy Siegner | 
The Center for Food Safety filed a petition with the Department of Agriculture Jan. 16 urging the agency to exclude hydroponically grown ...

Food marketing can change buying habits, but consumers may become ‘numb’ to unnecessary labels

Jessi Devenyns | 
A study by the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University said labeling has an effect on ...
a gluten free breads on wood background Stock Photo bread gluten food

‘Gluten free,’ ‘organic’ and other health fads driving ‘huge’ changes in food production

Cathy Siegner | 
U.S. consumers are increasingly scanning labels to check that products do not contain certain ingredients, such as gluten, GMOs, antibiotics, pesticides ...
GMOs e

Food companies say transparency will end public backlash against GMOs

Megan Poinski | 
Through the years that Okanagan Specialty Fruits worked on developing the Arctic apple — a fruit that is genetically modified so ...
why canola oil is bad for you

GMO omega-3 canola cleared by USDA, on its way to consumers

Cathy Siegner | 
Nuseed, a subsidiary of Nufarm, Ltd. of Australia, has received approval from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to start planting its ...
a a c f d

40% of US consumers avoid GMO foods at grocery store, survey finds

Cathy Siegner | 
Even though consumer awareness and knowledge of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) aren't very high, a recent online survey from the International Food Information Council ...
Screen Shot at PM

USDA might not meet July deadline for GMO labeling rule, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue says

Cathy Siegner | 
Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue told representatives from the National Association of Farm Broadcasting [April 24] that his agency may not ...
Non Glyphosate Certified Logo JPG e

Non-glyphosate certified: New label promises lower levels of herbicide residue

Cathy Siegner | 
Scott Prentice, executive director of BioChecked, has been in the food certification business since 2010. However, he's made the most ...
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