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Consumers want to buy from ethical companies, but interest in non-GMO, organic labels dropping, survey shows

| | May 21, 2019

A survey conducted by Crestline Custom Promotional Products showed 68.3% of American consumers want to support companies that promote similar social, political and environmental values as them. Only 9.4% of respondents were uninterested in corporate ethics.

With Americans turning into conscious consumers, the phrase “doing well by doing good” has become a rallying cry for companies looking to stand out from the pack. In recent years, simple steps such as highlighting organic and cruelty-free on labels have transformed into consumers asking for a full-blown analysis of …. social causes that upper management supports.

[I]t might be surprising to see that non-GMO and organic labels are lowest in terms of importance for shoppers when considering whether to buy a product. After years of demanding change and companies, many consumers seem to consider that passe. Or it could be because that consideration has become a ubiquitous expectation. After all, organic foods are in 82.3% of the country’s 117 million households.

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