Dannon embraces controversial Non-GMO label for all its products, claiming ‘transparency'

| | August 8, 2017

By the end of 2018, all Danimals, Dannon and Oikos branded products for sale in the U.S. will feature the little butterfly seal that denotes the items don't contain GMOs, said Michael Neuwirth, senior director of external communications for Dannon's parent company DanoneWave.

[Neuwirth told Food Dive] “We believe that with the Non-GMO Project Verified value, for those shoppers for whom non-GMO is a priority, this will be another reason for them to love our products. And for those who are not interested in it, they won’t see a change in the product. So it really is an added value benefit to a product that our shoppers — our fans — already love.”

The major ingredient that had to become non-GMO was the dairy used in the yogurt, Neuwirth said. Dannon already did not use any genetically modified fruits, so no changes were made there. A few other ingredients needed changing, however — like swapping non-GMO cane-derived sugar for genetically modified beet-derived sugar.

The fact that the market leader in yogurt is making such a big change may also serve as an inspiration to other large manufacturers to pursue non-GMO transitions and certifications.

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