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Infographic: ‘Bionic breasts’ could restore sensation after mastectomies

As many as 100,000 breast cancer patients have one or both breasts removed in mastectomies every year in the United ...
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Are we about to raise the cap on human life expectancy?

Ray Kurzweil, Google’s chief futurist, says that if you can just hang on until 2029, medical advances will start to ...
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Can light-activated CRISPR lead to new treatments for cancer, diabetes?

Engineers are making their mark on biotech’s hottest commodity. Chinese scientists [April 3] reported that they can control the gene editing tool CRISPR-Cas9 with ...
3-9-2019 dna synthesis

Stealing DNA sequences? It can be done with an audio recorder

Engineers at the University of California say they have demonstrated how easy it would be to snoop on biotech companies ...

Resurrecting scents that went extinct 100 years ago

Move aside, Chanel No. 5. Scientists have now created a scent that’s even older than the iconic perfume, even if ...

Soldiers of the future could be supercharged with brain upgrades

[T]he way the military fights wars is changing, and so must DARPA’s priorities. At a conference last week to celebrate DARPA’s 60th anniversary, ...
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