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Viewpoint: How biotech crops, lab-grown meat and other food innovations could jump start post-COVID economic recovery

Dan Rejto | 
COVID-19 threatens to slow or halt agricultural innovation in the US by exacerbating the decline in public R&D and threatening ...
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Trends that will shape the 2020s: Psychedelics as medicine, diagnostic cell phone apps and AI prediction of disease outbreaks

Katherine Wu, Rachael Lallensack | 
Clearly, a lot can happen in a decade—but innovation has to start somewhere. Based on what’s breaking through now, here ...
Tractor ploughing

Viewpoint: Historical opposition to tractors in farming mirrors modern campaign against GMO crops

Jenny Schlecht | 
[T]ractors made farm work more efficient and lowered food prices, but they also drove many farmers out of business. Farms ...

Viewpoint: Pricey gene therapies fuel debate over drug prices—and why there is no easy fix

Fred Roeder | 
By scrapping value added and sales taxes, we can cut down on drug pricing by up to 25% ...
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‘Strange’ decade gave us CRISPR, gene therapy advances and a Neanderthal genome

Bob Grant | 
[H]ere, we present some of the innovations, both conceptual and technological, that stood out throughout the past decade. … In ...
outsourced drug discovery market to top bn in wrbm large

Viewpoint: Price controls would stifle private sector innovation that gives us most of our new biomedical drugs

Robert Popovian | 
The false maxim that the government is primarily responsible for all innovation has been refuted through published literature in peer-reviewed ...
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Crop biotech industry fears ‘mistrust of science’ stifling farming innovation in Europe

Eric Sfiligoj | 
For several weeks last fall I spent much of my time traveling across Europe, visiting with many of the representatives ...
3-10-2019 kate kelly

Why people with ADHD may be more creative

Holly White | 
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is typically described by the problems it presents. It is known as a neurological disorder, marked by ...
1-21-2019 food safety shutdown ver

Viewpoint: We’re letting bureaucracy get in the way of diagnostic innovation

Rina Wolf | 
Should we be making it easier for companies to bring new tests to market, rather than having a process that ...

Artificial intelligence: How can we regulate without stifling innovation?

Jeremy Straub | 
There is disagreement among some of the top minds in technology when it comes to the subject of regulating artificial ...
gene editing plants

Viewpoint: European anti-tech groups threaten to derail CRISPR gene editing in agriculture

Arjen van Tunen | 
The political decision of how to regulate gene editing and other New Breeding Techniques (NBTs) will determine whether Europe becomes ...
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