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A CRISPR fix for diabetes? Success using stem cells in mice offers promise for humans

[Researchers] recently used the gene-editing technology CRISPR to correct stem cells from diabetic patients and turn them into fully functioning ...

Podcast: ‘Food bullying’ fear of GMO insulin parallels skepticism of biotech crops

Our guest, Heather Barnes, tells parents, “You are doing great.” Having a child with different dietary needs opens the door ...
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Stem cell therapies could treat diabetes by helping the body boost insulin production

Each year, 40,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, an auto­immune disease that wipes out ...
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Viewpoint: Consumers shouldn’t trust paid anti-GMO activists over independent biotech experts

Despite the benefits of GMOs, 80% of respondents to the 2018 Food and Health Survey Report from the International Food Information ...
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Podcast: Former FDA scientist Henry Miller says misguided regulation keeps safe biotech products off the market

In 1982, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first "GMO" pharmaceutical drug in the world, a new ...
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Fit and fat at the same time? The right genes may make it possible

Scientists are in hot debate over whether it's possible to be obese without creating health risks. Two new studies take ...
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Podcast: Genesis of GMOs—How the tools of biotechnology came to be

Following some groundbreaking experiments in the early 1970s, biologists discovered they could move DNA between species. This development launched the ...

Quick FDA approval of GMO human insulin 36 years ago contrasts with today’s biotechnology regulatory sclerosis

This week marked the 36th anniversary of one of biotechnology’s most significant milestones—the approval by the FDA of human insulin ...
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Lessons learned from Twitter GMO debates with David Crosby and other celebrities

When we are passionate about a topic, it is natural for us to become overly emotional when someone gets it ...
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Gene-editing advances put us at the dawn of a revolution in medicine

So much of the public's attention is focused on the use of genetic engineering in the crops that our farmers ...
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When genetic engineering came of age: World’s first GMO—GE insulin—approved 35 years ago

It has been 35 years since genetically engineered insulin was approved by the FDA in a process that was quick ...
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