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Nationwide coronavirus antibody test in Israel to assess herd immunity and vulnerability to 2nd wave

David Halbfinger | 
Israel, whose aggressive response to the coronavirus has held its fatality rate to a fraction of those of the United ...

Palm trees grown from 2,000-year-old date seeds reinforce existence of ancient Judea’s ‘sophisticated’ crop domestication culture

Brigit Katz | 
In ancient times, the region of Judea was known for its plump, delicious dates, which delighted the palates of classical ...
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Succulents for dinner? Heat-tolerant ‘sea beans’ may become important food source as climate change accelerates

Jenny Morber | 
In southern Israel’s stifling heat, rows of salicornia, commonly known as sea asparagus or sea beans, grow under translucent tarps, ...
d printing of meat

From lab-grown burgers to 3D printed steak, here’s why alternative meat is mainstream in 2019

Flora Southey | 
As the sustainability agenda rises in the food industry, innovators are increasingly looking at ways of swapping out meat for ...
clean meat

Meet the Israeli start-ups aiming to make earth-friendly steak in the laboratory

Ilan Ben Zion | 
Several Israeli start-ups have joined a handful of companies around the globe trying to develop lab-grown meat, something they see ...

Viewpoint: Why we must be wary of grandiose claims about a low-cost, universal cancer cure

Henry Miller | 
An Israeli company claims they will likely perfect a cure for all cancer in the next year. There are many ...
big data

Personalized medicine, big data could lead to better control of our own health

Shelly Fan | 
At Singularity University’s Exponential Medicine conference in San Diego ... Dr. Ran Balicer, director of the Clalit Research Institute in Israel, painted a ...
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Teaching of evolution under siege in Turkey, Israel and India

Michael Dixon | 
In recent weeks there have been alarming reports from both Israel and Turkey of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution being erased from school curriculums ...
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Beta Israel reconsidered: Defending the Israelite ancestry of Ethiopian Jews

Ibrahim Omer | 
Ethiopian Jews are often portrayed in modern media and in some academic texts as having no true ancient ancestral connection ...
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