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Exploring Prophet Muhammad’s Hebraic descent

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In the West, the discussion on the origins of Prophet Muhammad has been the subject of limited studies.Traditional and contemporary ...
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Ethiopian Jewry: Genetics of the Beta Israel muddied by historical slave ownership

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Rarely mentioned by academics is the fact that Ethiopian Jews historically owned slaves. From a genetics perspective, it means this ...
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Beta Israel reconsidered: Defending the Israelite ancestry of Ethiopian Jews

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Ethiopian Jews are often portrayed in modern media and in some academic texts as having no true ancient ancestral connection ...
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Are Sudanese Arabs?

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Sudan is the third largest Arabic country in the world, yet it is also a very ethnically and culturally diverse ...

Cohanim studies: Understanding the Ethiopian Beta Israel Jewish priesthood tradition

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Did the Beta Israel "forget" their ancient tradition of a male-descended Jewish priesthood? ...
Ethiopian Jews in Israel

Evidence mounts of ancient Jewish roots of Beta Israel Ethiopian Jewry

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Many historians are convinced that Ethiopian Jews are medieval converts from Christianity. But mounting genetic evidence, and new scholarly research, ...

Ethiopian Jews in Somalia: Tracing remnants of the Yibir

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The Yibir in Somalia is one of the few known Muslim communities worldwide that maintains Jewish descent. A genetic study ...
Rwandan Genocide Murambi skulls

Are genetic differences at the root of the Tutsi-Hutu Rwandan conflict?

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Is there a genetic difference between the Hutu and Tutsi groups in Rwanda? To understand the horrific genocide in Rwanda ...
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Sudan connection: Are Ethiopian Jews descendants of the ancient Israelites?

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A broad suite of genetic and historical evidence points to an ancient Jewish heritage for Ethiopian Jews, contradicting established theory ...

References: The Sudan connection: Are Ethiopian Jews descendants of the ancient Israelites?

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The following is a complete list of references for "The Sudan connection: Are Ethiopian Jews descendants of the ancient Israelites," by Ibrahim Omer ...