Does listening to music make difficult tasks easier? That may depend on your personality

The fact that music can make a difficult task more tolerable may be why students often choose to listen to ...
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Rethinking the brain’s reward system—and what creates human intelligence

In a paper published in Nature ... DeepMind, Alphabet’s AI subsidiary, has once again used lessons from reinforcement learning to ...

The thicker your cerebral cortex, the easier it is to learn new languages

Researchers have long known that the brain changes when people learn a new language. But the relationship between the ability ...
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What can sexual pleasure teach us about behavioral learning?

Opiod receptors in our brain are triggered when we have sex. Researching this mechanism can tell us a lot about ...
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Viewpoint: Using robots to treat autistic children has potential pitfalls

Previous research suggests robots are well received by children with autism spectrum disorders, and there's plenty of anecdotal stories of children ...
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Boosting memory by combining electrical brain stimulation and learning

Low dose transcranial direct current stimulation have been the subject of much debate. Now, the technology is combined with cognitive ...
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