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Discovery of microbes under ocean floor suggests life could thrive in ‘extreme environments’ like Mars

Ashley Strickland | 
When scientists find microbial life thriving in some of the most extreme environments on Earth, it gives them hope that ...
artist’s impression of proxima centauri b shown hypothetically as an arid rocky super earth

Finding a new home: Humanity’s survival could depend on a 1,000-year space journey to Proxima b

Corin Faife | 
Located in the triple-star Alpha Centauri solar system, Proxima b has a mass 1.3 times that of Earth and a ...
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What to make of ‘photographic proof’ of insect life on Mars? More than likely, they’re just rocks

Chelsea Gohd | 
William Romoser, a professor emeritus who specializes in arbovirology (the study of viruses transmitted by arthropods) and entomology at Ohio ...
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Have we already discovered life on Mars? And did we accidentally kill it?

Dirk Schulze-Makuch | 
In a recent opinion piece in Scientific American, former Viking Mars investigator Gil Levin fired up anew the argument over whether that ...
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Why this NASA engineer believes we’ve already found evidence of life on Mars

Gilbert Levin | 
I was fortunate to have participated in that historic adventure as experimenter of the Labeled Release (LR) life detection experiment ...
Viking Lander Model

40th anniversary of NASA’s Project Viking and beginning of search for Martian life

David Warmflash | 
40 years ago, Project Viking first landed on Mars. NASA would conclude that the project found no evidence of life ...
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