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Why cousin marriages can wreak genetic havoc on children

The link between cousin marriages and genetic disorders in offspring is a growing problem in several countries ...
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Is being married the key to a longer life?

Mortality – or the frequency of deaths – has been steadily declining in Norway over the last hundred years in ...
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Can a genetic test help you find the right marriage partner?

Does a good marriage depend on having the right genes? ...
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Why a happy marriage might be influenced by genetics

The secret to a happy marriage lies in the genes, scientists have discovered, as new research finds a predisposition not to be ...
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Marrying close relatives offers genetic risks and benefits for offspring

Endogamy is a powerful but controversial cultural tool. It also can play surprising roles in health and disease ...
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Kissing cousins: Understanding the genetic risks and benefits when close relatives marry

Endogamy––the marriage of relatives––is a controversial cultural practice. It can play surprising roles in health and disease ...
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Genetics of relationships and marriage

Many online dating services claim to use science to match people with their perfect mate. But the science of relationships ...
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