Anti-vaxxers don’t want safer vaccines, they want no vaccines

“I try to look and see where the evidence takes me.” Does this statement sound reasonable? If I told you ...
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Why your morning cup of coffee sends you running to the bathroom

Coffee makes you poop. That's a fact, right? It must be, since you can buy t-shirts or mugs with that ...
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Alkaline diet fraud: Dieters trying to alter their pH to lose weight are following a ‘completely nonsensical concept’

The premise of the "alkaline diet" is to alter the pH levels of your blood in order to facilitate weight ...
wellness eating bugs

Video: Prof Joe Schwarcz on why bugs may be coming to our dinner plates

Pretty soon there will be 9 billion people coming to dinner. That population boom is going to require an increase ...
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Golden Rice in India: Is it necessary? What are impediments to adoption?

The leading cause of life-altering disability in India is health risks linked to poor diets--which rice engineered to produce vitamin ...
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