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Alkaline diet fraud: Dieters trying to alter their pH to lose weight are following a ‘completely nonsensical concept’

McGill University | 
The premise of the "alkaline diet" is to alter the pH levels of your blood in order to facilitate weight ...
wellness eating bugs

Video: Prof Joe Schwarcz on why bugs may be coming to our dinner plates

McGill University | 
Pretty soon there will be 9 billion people coming to dinner. That population boom is going to require an increase ...

Roundup on trial: Everything you need to know about the glyphosate herbicide controversy

McGill University | 
[A] California jury awarded two hundred and eighty nine million dollars .... to a former groundskeeper for a California school ...
Viewpoint: Pesticide soaked strawberries? Why you shouldn't pay attention to Environmental Working Group's 'fear-mongering'

Viewpoint: Pesticide soaked strawberries? Why you shouldn’t pay attention to Environmental Working Group’s ‘fear-mongering’

McGill University | 
It’s springtime which means it is time for the Environmental Working Group (EWG) to send the media into a frenzy ...

Glyphosate traces found in wine: Should we be concerned?

McGill University | 
Scarcely a day goes by without some scary story about glyphosate, the world’s most widely used herbicide. ... Because of ...

Activists made genetic modification a bogeyman with no scientific validity

Canada Jewish News | 
Millions know him simply as “Dr. Joe,” the McGill University chemistry professor who has spent the last 30 years popularizing ...

‘Food Babe’ promotes misinformation on food, GMOs

Montreal Gazette | 
Did you know that the calcium pill you may be popping contains the same chemical found in gravestones? What are these ...

Why “non-GMO” Cheerios are a marketing ploy

Montreal Gazette | 
What is General Mills protecting us from with GMO-free Cheerios? To start with, there are no genetically modified oats grown ...