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Biology of flavorful orange juice

Joe Schwartz | 
A “so what” story. That’s how I would label the enticingly titled “Juicy Secrets” investigation of “premium” orange juice by ...

GM alfalfa’s release in Canada delayed as farmers reject it

Alex Gillis | 
A GM version of alfalfa, a staple in livestock feed, was supposed to be launched in Canada this year. The ...

‘Food Babe’ promotes misinformation on food, GMOs

Joe Schwarcz | 
Did you know that the calcium pill you may be popping contains the same chemical found in gravestones? What are these ...

Why “non-GMO” Cheerios are a marketing ploy

Joe Schwarcz | 
What is General Mills protecting us from with GMO-free Cheerios? To start with, there are no genetically modified oats grown ...

Clinics ethically free to dispose of thousands of embryos frozen in time, doctors’ group says

Sharon Kirkey | 
It is the most emotionally charged issue in assisted baby-making: how to “dispose” of the thousands of human embryos that ...