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GMO skeptics are also likely to reject nano food technologies that could enhance flavor and nutrition, survey shows

Scientists at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) and the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health (HSPH) have ...
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GMOs, biosensors and biopreservation: Tools that can fight global hunger by reducing food spoilage

Olumide Odeyemi | 
We're feeding an ever-increasing number of people. Getting the rest of the way by 2030 will require every innovation we ...
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Nanotechnology helps farmers battle increasingly pesticide-resistant weeds, insects with fewer chemicals

Lilian Schaer | 
A University of Toronto graduate school project is now extending the life of widely used crop protection products. Vive Crop ...
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Can processed food boost global nutrition, despite its unhealthy reputation?

Karen Brown | 
There’s a lot of debate about the safety and value of food that’s been processed .... UMass Amherst food scientist ...
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Anti-GMO consumers more likely to oppose nanotechnology as well, study finds

Researchers at the University of Missouri have found that an individual's perception of genetically modified organisms might impact their judgments ...
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Ultimate hangover cure? Could the solution be found in a pill?

Yunfeng Lu | 
Nanocapsules containing a substance that can efficiently break down alcohol quickly could prevent alcohol poisoning, and could work as a ...
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Transhumanism could push human evolution into hyperdrive. Should we embrace it?

David Trippett | 
Some people believe that we can enhance human life through embracing biotechnology and genetic engineering, but should we? ...

Nanotechnology might help farmers fight climate change, pests and disease–and boost yields

Jan Ellen Spiegel | 
Researchers are exploring the impact of using nanoscale nutrients––including copper––on eggplants and other crops. While early results have shown substantial ...
brain cancer

Ultrasound may help cancer drugs penetrate blood-brain barrier

Ben Locwin | 
The blood-brain barrier serves as a major obstacle for treating brain cancers, but several groups are having success forcing the ...
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Can GMOs cure cancer? Genetically engineered algae found to kill cancer cells

Ben Locwin | 
Scientists have genetically engineered algae, transforming them into targeted drug delivery systems to target cancer. It's worked in the lab ...
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