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No, we aren’t losing all of our honeybees. And neonicotinoid seed coatings aren’t driving their health problems—here’s why

Jon Entine | 
The meme targeting neonics with the not-all-that vulnerable honeybee as their symbol is a powerful fund-raising tool for activists ...

EU Parliament calls for full ban on sale, production and use of neonicotinoid pesticides to protect bees

The European Parliament has called on the Commission to strengthen its plan to protect Europe’s declining populations of bees and ...

Are neonicotinoid seed treatments critical for protecting crops—or unnecessary, with potential to harm bees?

Paul McDivitt | 
If neonic seed treatments don’t increase yields, reducing their use to limit potential harm to bees would be an easier ...
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EU farmers ‘fed up’ with rapeseed as neonicotinoid insecticide ban, dry weather cripple crop yields

Megan Durisin, Olivia Konotey-Ahulu | 
Rapeseed, easily spotted with its bright yellow flowers in summer, is used for meal and oil in products ranging from ...

With yields plunging, sugar beet growers in UK may discontinue growing crop in wake of neonicotinoid insecticide ban

Lucy de la Pasture | 
Sugar beet is a crop that has always demanded close attention to grow well, but Norfolk grower Mark Means has ...
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Fresh from European ban victory, anti-chemical activists turn their sights on Canada, targeting neonicotinoid pesticides as a ‘bee killer’

Jon Entine | 
There is an inevitable consequence when technically inexpert politicians and politically-influenced bureaucrats allow public policy to be driven by dogmatic ...
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EU neonicotinoid insecticide ban spurs farmers to abandon canola crops, important resource for bees

Lucy de la Pasture | 
When neonicotinoid seed treatments were first banned in flowering crops, control of cabbage stem flea beetle in oilseed rape [OSR] ...
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With the ‘bee crisis’ fading and European farmers fearing an insect invasion, EU’s neonicotinoid ban fiasco stumbles into the New Year

Jon Entine | 
The future of a controversial agricultural pesticide remains in limbo, thanks to scientific uncertainty and political malfeasance ...
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UK farming minister says neonicotinoid ban has boosted pesticide use

Abi Kay | 
[UK] Farming Minister George Eustice has admitted the recent ban on neonicotinoids has actually increased overall pesticide use. Mr Eustice made ...
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Viewpoint: Link between bee death and glyphosate still a ‘far-fetched’ story

Iida Ruishalme | 
Glyphosate is a herbicide, in other words, it is toxic to plants. Its target enzyme is not found in insects ...
Honey bee Apis mellifera

Viewpoint: Public’s support for Canadian neonicotinoid ban obscures bigger threats to bee health

Robert Arnason | 
On Aug. 15 .... Health Canada held a news conference to explain why it was banning neonicotinoid insecticides .... Health ...
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Sulfoxaflor: The ‘bee-friendly’ neonicotinoid replacement that could hurt bumble bees

With overwhelming evidence on the risks that neonicotinoids .... pose to bees, phytopharmaceutical companies look towards innovation to replace already ...

The disconnect between predictions of a ‘bee-apocalypse’ and rising bee populations

Media stories around bee-apocalypse and imminent collapse of the human food system require a dose of reality. ... There are ...

Chemical giant Bayer challenging Europe’s neonicotinoids ban

Breifne O'Brien | 
Bayer will appeal...the recent ruling of the General Court of the European Union (EU) to ban neonicotinoids. [T]he German multinational pharmaceutical company ...

Viewpoint: Activists fret about neonics, but viruses are the real threat to bees

While environmentalists raise millions of dollars insisting they will get targeted pesticides (e.g. neonicotinoids) banned to save bees that aren't ...
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Viewpoint: German farmers say neonicotinoid ban throws them back into ‘plant protection stone age,’ forces use of ‘dangerous’ pesticides

Gunther Willinger | 
With the ban on the three most effective insecticides [Imidacloprid, Clothianidin and Thiamethoxam] for the protection of beet seeds, beet ...
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Viewpoint: Neonicotinoid use on field crops should be reined in

John Tooker | 
Planting season for corn and soybeans across the U.S. corn belt is drawing to a close. As they plant, farmers are participating ...

Viewpoint: US EPA rebuffs activist lobbying, finds neonicotinoids not key driver of bee health problems

Henry Miller | 
In The Neonic Ban: A Scientific Fraud Becomes Enshrined In EU Regulatory Law, I described the many elements of corruption that ...

Viewpoint: EU’s neonicotinoid ban is a ‘scientific fraud’ and won’t protect bees

Henry Miller | 
Five years after the European Union imposed a temporary ban on neonicotinoid pesticides, an “experts committee” of the member states ...
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How scientists use meta-analysis to try to make sense of contradictory findings on neonicotinoids and bees

Julia Koricheva | 
The EU has announced a near-total ban on three insecticides that we now know are harmful to bees and other pollinators. And yet for ...
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Talking Biotech: Benefits and unanticipated consequences of neonicotinoid insecticide use

John Tooker | 
Penn State entomologist John Tooker: Neonic coated seeds are not a silver bullet for pest control in all situations ...
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Harmful, beneficial or no effect? Flawed European bees and neonicotinoids study could be misused to support ban

Iida Ruishalme | 
A widely-discussed 3-country study showed no clear impact of neonics on bees. Why did the authors appear to explain away ...
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Beemageddon? As hysteria over honey bees recedes, anti-neonic narrative refocuses on wild bees

Jon Entine | 
It was a crisis that never was. It's now clear that the honey bee crisis never was—the pollinator is doing ...
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