Why the COVID death rate is dropping even as case numbers soar

Why the COVID death rate is dropping even as case numbers soar

One recent study looking at the case fatality rate in the New York region from March to August found that the ...
screenshot ai can make personality judgments based on our photographs neuroscience news

‘Spectacularly unimpressive’: Neural network AI asked to judge human personalities through photos

[If] personality traits have a significant genetic contribution (which seems clear) then we can ask – to what extent do ...
mind fog memory d rendering neuroscience shutterstock x

Are we getting closer to understanding how our brains make memories?

How do memories work? That has been a burning question for over a century, since Richard Semon introduced the term ...
youtuber cancer x

Viewpoint: YouTube, Facebook and Google should do more to stop spread of dangerous cancer quackery

Many outlets are covering the story of Mari Lopez, a YouTuber who claimed, along with her niece, Liz Johnson, that ...
the quest to build the perfect lie detector

Replacing the polygraph: Brain imaging could give us a reliable lie detector

It’s fairly common knowledge at this point that the polygraph test for detecting who is lying is not reliable enough ...
indigenous ways of being and knowing introduction to the cultural diversity within bcs indigenous te

Viewpoint: ‘Indigenous ways of knowing’ and the rejection of science

Science and the enlightenment are under assault from many directions, and in many incarnations, but they all tend to boil ...
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