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Glyphosate-tainted honey? New Zealand honey industry rejects ‘sensationalized’ coverage of pesticide safety report

Pearly Neo | 
The New Zealand honey industry has refuted recent claims of its products being unsafe for consumption in the wake of ...
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Zealandia revealed: Maps and interactive tools uncover backstory of Earth’s ‘lost’ eighth continent

Brandon Specktor | 
Earth's eighth continent is 94% underwater.... ... Zealandia — or Te Riu-a-Māui, as it's referred to in the indigenous Māori ...
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Plant scientists want New Zealand to fact check ‘mythology’ surrounding regenerative farming

Sally Rae | 
Two prominent plant science academics have called for the establishment of an expert panel of scientists to review claims made ...
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The risks of using gene drives to get rid of ‘pesky species’

Ricki Lewis | 
Using gene drives to eradicate pests has a potential downside—DNA is constantly changing. That means gene drives have the potential ...

‘Warrior gene’: Some people may be genetically wired for aggressiveness. Should we do anything about it?

Patrick Whittle | 
“Some people have real problems right out of the starting block. We can't dodge the responsibility for social action." ...
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New Zealand mulls loosening strict biotech crop rules as GMO ryegrass shows promise in field trial

Pearly Neo | 
While New Zealand has not yet approved the release of genetically modified crops, its agricultural research agency’s principle scientist has ...
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Golden Rice: The GMO crop loved by humanitarians, opposed by Greenpeace

Paul McDivitt | 
Golden Rice is back in the news as the Philippines and Bangladesh move closer towards approval of the GMO food ...

Young scientists urge New Zealand’s Green Party to embrace CRISPR for ‘sake of the climate’

Deborah Paull | 
Recently, there has been a shift in society's view of genetic modification and its potential applications in the fight against ...
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Viewpoint: New Zealand’s ‘archaic’ GMO laws hold back research that could boost sustainable farming

Mia Sutherland | 
New Zealand's archaic GMO laws heavily regulate the research and release of genetically engineered organisms. Those wanting to test on ...
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GMO ryegrass could help mitigate climate change, but research, regulatory hurdles remain

AgResearch principal scientist Dr Greg Bryan recently returned from the United States where the Crown Research Institute is conducting field ...
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New Zealand’s Royal Society calls for updated CRISPR rules to accommodate gene-editing innovation

Genetic technologies such as gene editing are developing quickly and their cost is rapidly falling. This is creating new approaches ...
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New Zealand climate group says anti-GMO laws hinder development of sustainable technologies

AgResearch says it is working on whether its genetically modified ryegrass could move to NZ based field and animal nutrition ...
With its biotech scientists forced overseas, New Zealand should rethink strict GMO rules, official says

With its biotech scientists forced overseas, New Zealand should rethink strict GMO rules, official says

Parmjeet Parmar | 
New Zealand has a proud history of innovators and pioneering entrepreneurs who have turned ideas into world-beating businesses. It is ...

Push to use gene editing to fight invasive predators rejected in New Zealand

Pat Deavoll | 
A lobby group is calling for an end to a ban on investigating whether genetic technologies could be used to kill predators ...
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New Zealand’s strict GMO laws force researcher to test new gene-edited apple in US

Farah Hancock | 
The red-fleshed apples developed by Plant and Food Research’s scientist Professor Andrew Allan and his team are so contentious they’re ...
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Will allergen-free milk revive New Zealand’s genetic engineering debate?

Richard Whitehead | 
It is an irony of bioscience that a country that prohibits most genetically modified produce from the food chain is ...
Viewpoint: New Zealand's 'Pig-headed' biotech crop regulations threaten nation's economy

Viewpoint: New Zealand’s ‘Pig-headed’ biotech crop regulations threaten nation’s economy

Andrew Allan | 
There is a new agricultural-based green revolution beginning around the world, and it’s a technique you’ve probably heard of before: ...
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