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Nitrogen fertilizers are jeopardizing climate goals, new study finds

The expanding use of nitrogen fertilizers in agriculture is pushing nitrous oxide emissions to levels that jeopardize climate goals and ...
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Have regulators failed to address agriculture’s fertilizer pollution problem?

Everywhere Randy Souder looked, he saw mud. On his soggy fields. In the mechanized crannies of his planter. Along the ...
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Podcast: How nitrogen-fixing bacteria can cut fertilizer use 30-50%

In the early 20th century, Fritz Haber and Carl Bosch revolutionized agriculture. The two German chemists developed a technique, now ...
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Podcast: Synthetic fertilizer pollution threatens our ecosystems. Are nitrogen-fixing microbes the answer?

Farmers need nitrogen fertilizer to maximize crop yields. Without it, our food supply would be nowhere near as abundant as ...

CRISPR gene editing speeds efforts to breed disease-resistant wheat, cut nitrogen pollution

Researchers from around the globe gathered in Saskatoon [in August], focused on making wheat more efficient and sustainable using the ...
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‘Synthetic signalling networks’ between GMO plants, bacteria could boost crop yields

The root microbiota is critical for agricultural yield, with growth-promoting bacteria able to solubilize phosphate, produce plant growth hormones, antagonize ...

Hybrid corn boosts grain yields 89%, nitrogen use efficiency 73% over 70 years

During the past 70 years, hybrid corn varieties have increased both yield and nitrogen use efficiency at nearly the same ...
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Podcast: How science brought us ‘synthetic’ fertilizer, and why it was a game changer for farmers

Bet you never thought fertilizer was magical but that changes today! On this episode of Biotech Facts and Fallacies, plant ...
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How synthetic biology can cut nitrogen pollution and help reverse climate change

“I should say that I’m probably the doom and gloom story,” said the World Economic Forum’s Nishan Degnarain to laughter, ...
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UN: ‘Unintended consequences’ of CRISPR gene editing among top 5 ’emerging’ environmental concerns

Genetic engineering, the consequences of thawing permafrost soils and the fragmentation of animal and human habitats through gigantic construction projects ...

Billionaires and Bacteria are Racing to Save Us From Death by Fertilizer

It was January 15, 1881, and the U.S. envoy to Peru had to duck for cover .... Chile had invaded Peru ...

Beyond pesticides: Engineered crops that fertilize themselves from air

Plants are surrounded by nitrogen, but it's unusable as found in the atmosphere. Scientists may be able to change that ...
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Crops engineered to consume less nitrogen fertilizer could protect vulnerable ecosystems

Rice, wheat and other grains that have been bred to produce larger harvests using less land have been critical to ...

Video: Ancient corn variety that makes its own nitrogen could lead to more sustainable farming

In the 1980s, Howard-Yana Shapiro, now chief agricultural officer at Mars, Incorporated, was looking for new kinds of corn. He ...
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Biotech firm Pivot Bio beta testing ‘clean, alternative’ nitrogen fertilizer to spare farmland, protect waterways

Across the Corn Belt this summer, Pivot Bio and farmers in the company’s Intent to Pivot program are beta testing the first sustainable nitrogen ...
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