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Making a case against ‘aggressive’ restrictions on opioid prescriptions

[Stefan] Kertesz, a primary care physician who also specializes in addiction medicine, had not spent his career investigating long-term opioid ...
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Marijuana compound CBD could help people fight opioid addiction

A new study out [May 21] is the latest to suggest that cannabis—or at least a key ingredient of it—might ...
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Preventing opioid overdoses with a smart phone app that monitors breathing patterns

The opioid epidemic in the US kills 115 Americans every day, with fentanyl by far the biggest killer. Per year, drugs in ...

Do we really need a more potent, and more addictive, opioid?

In the midst of a national opioid crisis, how badly do we need another formidable painkiller? This vexing question has ...

New opioid promises ‘gold standard’ pain relief without the addiction

Opioid drugs like morphine and Oxycontin are still held as the gold standard when it comes to relieving pain. But ...
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