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Coronavirus rekindles age-old debate: Should human genes be patentable?

The sudden surge in the demand for a vaccine has seen the biotechnology industry rush to innovation and testing, which, ...

GMOs are ‘substantially equivalent’ to conventional foods. Should they face reduced regulations?

There really is no tension between patenting plants that are also found by the FDA to be substantially equivalent ...
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Congress considers allowing gene patents to keep pace with Chinese innovations

In 2013, the Supreme Court unanimously struck down patents on two human genes—BRCA1 and BRCA2—associated with breast and ovarian cancers ...
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Why the patent system could help shape the future of gene editing

A crucial part of the arsenal for shaping the future of gene editing is hiding in plain sight: the patent ...

Dissecting claims about Monsanto suing farmers for accidentally planting patented seeds

Much to the dismay of anti-GMO activists, courts around the world including SCOTUS have consistently upheld the rights of companies ...

Are seed patent protections abused by Monsanto and other agro-corporations?

Anti-GMO critics often claim major agricultural companies use seed patents to control farmers rights, which they say also limits innovation ...
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