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Is this brain-controlled prosthetic arm—with the sensation of touch—the future of prosthetics?

[T]hree years ago, [electrician Rickard] Normark received a new kind of brain-controlled prosthetic that was surgically attached to the bone, ...
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Video: Building a bionic prosthetic leg that ‘thinks for itself’

It’s no question that researchers, doctors, and engineers want to design more effective robotic limbs that can help paralyzed and ...

New era in prosthetic limbs promises to restore sense of touch by melding ‘biology with machine’

Building smart mind-controlled robotic limbs isn’t enough; the next frontier is restoring sensation in offline body parts. To truly meld ...
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Amputees could ‘feel’ again with innovative prosthetic arm

For people who have lost a hand or arm, prosthetics may restore some functioning, but not the sense of touch ...

3 neural implants that could change our lives

Here are three of [DARPA’s] research programs that are showing promise in early human testing: 1) A NEURAL IMPLANT [TO] ...
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