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51% of Americans say GMO-derived food is unhealthy, 59% know very little about it, Pew survey shows

Americans have mixed views about genetically modified foods (GMOs) and their implications for society. About half of U.S. adults (51%) ...

Podcast: Treating blindness with CRISPR; customized cancer drugs; Beyond Meat v. critics; saving bananas from extinction

As genetic engineering reshapes intimate aspects of our lives, is the public on board? ...

Consumers who reject CRISPR fear that gene-edited crops cause allergies and only benefit food companies, survey shows

Recent gene editing technologies advances, such as CRISPR/Cas9, will continue to shape the future of agriculture and genetically engineered crops ...
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More science education may not quell consumer fear of GMO, gene-edited crops, Japanese study suggests

A team of researchers [in Japan] conducted a survey to explore the opinions and attitudes of both Japanese experts and ...

Nearly half of US fruit growers want biotech crops, survey shows, but fear consumers won’t buy GMO products

And you thought growers could go on and on about problems with the weather, or their employees, or any of ...
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Consumers love technology, survey shows—but not when it comes to GMOs and farming

Technology in agriculture is how we’ll feed a growing population, make farming more sustainable and improve the lives of farm ...

Infographic: Global regulatory and health research agencies on whether glyphosate causes cancer

A jury decision, while significant, is not a substitute for scientific research ...
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Should it matter if the public is wary of gene editing and human enhancement?

A survey of people in the US and 10 European nations found opposition to some forms of gene editing for ...
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