new drug combo could help immune cells target and destroy cancer cells

Podcast: The future of cancer care—How genomics is transforming research and treatment for all

In this episode, sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific, we’re taking a look at how genomic technologies are transforming cancer care ...
Steam train

Podcast: Did a legendary train ride really lead to the rediscovery of Mendel’s laws?

A Victorian scientist's train ride to London leads to the rediscovery of Mendel's laws of inheritance, Nice story, but is ...
bc a d b

How ‘genetic libraries’ of animal DNA can help us better understand ourselves

Of more than 500 species of sharks in the world’s oceans, scientists have only sequenced a handful of genomes – ...
looking to the future of gene technology

Do participants in genetics research studies have the right to know—or not know—about troubling DNA results?

Is it possible to know too much about our own genetic profile? ...
newborn screening

Newborns and genome sequencing: Do we sacrifice privacy in the name of health?

If history provides a lesson, routine newborn genomic sequencing won’t come without a fight ...
Screen Shot at AM

Genetics pioneer James Watson stripped of final honorary titles over race views

It's the latest chapter of the dark side of Dr. Watson ...
gal Noahs Ark

Genetic Noah’s Ark intends to sequence DNA of 66,000 species

An international consortium involving over 50 institutions has announced an ambitious project to assemble high-quality genome sequences of all 66,000 ...

Viewpoint: There’s danger in overselling the benefits of routine DNA sequencing

For decades the potential of stem cells to cure all disease was promised. Today’s reality is that the few worthy ...
Screen Shot at AM

Tale of two families: Exome sequencing and faster diagnosis of rare disorders

Sailing from New York City to London a century ago took days; today the trip takes hours by air. Similarly, ...
x Rare Subtypes of Ovarian Cancer

Cancers and other rare diseases in crosshairs of researchers using breakthrough DNA sequencing

The improvements and discoveries in DNA sequencing in recent years has had immediate clinical consequences, including the real possibility of ...

Want to make money off genome sequencing? There’s an app for that

Helix, a growing DNA sequencing company, moves into direct-to-consumer genetics with a plan for the first genome app store. Will ...
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