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Why do some scents trigger powerful memories?

Anecdotally, many of us have had experiences where a certain smell—perhaps chlorine, fresh baked cookies, or the salty beach air—floods ...

Sniff test: How our sense of smell appears to signal whether an unresponsive patient might recover consciousness

Even with more recent technologies, such as brain imaging, the rate of misdiagnosis in DOC [disorders of consciousness] patients could ...
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How COVID-19 works to destroy our sense of smell

[A]nosmia [loss of sense of smell] seen with COVID-19 is present in 30–98 percent of infected people seen in hospitals, ...
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Some COVID-19 survivors may never regain taste or smell, doctors say

Clinicians racing to understand the novel disease are starting to discern an unusual trend: one common symptom—the loss of smell ...
screenshot losing your sense of smell or taste could mean you have coronavirus even if you have no other symptoms

Losing sense of taste and smell could be ‘early warning sign’ of coronavirus infection

Nearly two weeks ago, Alessandro Laurenzi, a biologist working as a consultant in Bologna, Italy, was mowing the grass in his ...

These women are missing the ‘scent region’ of the brain. How do they still smell?

When Tali Weiss and her colleagues at the Weizmann Institute of Science found a patient that had an otherwise normal ...
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Living without a sense of smell brings feelings of isolation and peril, study says

A recent study is one of the first to highlight the plights faced by a small segment of the population: ...
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Does ‘brain plasticity’ explain why these people can still smell, despite not having olfactory bulbs?

Doctors there say they’ve found people who can smell just as well as anyone else, despite missing the key area ...
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What’s that smell? How our brains detect and cope with all the odors we encounter

Olfactory neurons in your nose have evolved some 400 odor receptors, and each neuron contains only one. Receptors are tuned ...
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Stem cell therapy helps mice regain their sense of smell. Will it work in humans?

Smells, like the tangy scent of the ocean or the acrid odor of smoke, are powerful cues that shape our ...

Podcast: Why do we like sweet foods? How taste and smell color our sense of the world

University of Florida researcher Linda Bartoshuk has been recognized as an expert on interactions between smell, taste and psychology for ...
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Restoring sense of smell with a brain implant

After a concussion left [Scott] Moorehead without a sense of smell six years ago, these losses were all he could ...

Why your dog really can tell if you are sick

I was sick last week, and as [my Chihuahua] Midge was glued to my side, friends told me about their ...
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Keen sense of smell? You’re probably good at not getting lost, study suggests

Watch a bacterium chase down the source of an enticing molecular trail using chemo-taxis, and it’s clear that its sensory ...

When the nose never knows: Exploring the genetics behind a missing sense of smell

Imagine life without odors. Food tastes the same regardless of how congested your nasal passages are or how damaged your ...
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