How will fall sports fare during the pandemic? Few remember the 1968 Hong Kong flu roiled football and basketball

Mike Sielski | 
A virus scything through locker rooms all over the East Coast, infecting the NBA’s most respected player, forcing one college ...
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How should trans athletes qualify for women’s sports?

Britni de la Cretaz | 
In 2004, the nationally ranked long-distance runner [Joanna Harper] started hormone therapy (HT) as part of her transition to female ...
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Sports leagues set to resume without knowing COVID-19’s erratic path, randomness and chronic effects

Ben Cohen, Louise Radnofsky | 
Professional athletes don’t have the luxury of waiting for the outcomes of longitudinal studies of coronavirus patients. Sports are trying ...
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Viewpoint: If you want your children to have healthier brains, don’t let them play tackle football

Mark Hyman, Robert Cantu | 
If U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams asked for our advice (he hasn’t), we’d recommend that he issue the following statement:  ...
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Exploring the ‘solid rationale’ for separating elite male and female athletes in competition

Andrew Langford | 
When it comes to athletic competition, there is a stark difference between male and female performance ...
5-10-2019 intersex runners

Viewpoint: What defines a female athlete? Law professor, former runner’s case for why Caster Semenya’s testosterone levels critical in determining if she should compete with women

Doriane Lambelet Coleman | 
The Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled that intersex athletes must reduce their testosterone to within accepted female levels ...
3-31-2019 unnamed file

How synthetic biology could fight athletic doping with ‘biosensors’

Embriette Hyde | 
It’s no secret that sports suffer from doping, the use of banned substances that enhance athletic performance. From Lance Armstrong ...

Gender, sex and identity: Sports’ ruling bodies struggle to draw lines to ensure fairness for all

Erik Lief | 
The case of Caster Semenya is as fascinating as it is multi-faceted. And while the debate can be endless due ...

Sports and war: With concussions, there’s little difference between football, fighting

Ben Locwin | 
Evidence suggests "early aging" in the brains of troops is a result of experiencing bomb blasts. It may be similar ...
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Kenyans sweep distance races, Jamaicans sprints: How evolution has shaped elite sports

Jon Entine | 
The results of the Rio Olympics, especially in track and field events, reinforce the now widely accepted theory that evolution ...
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