Could food of the future come from ‘microbial protein factories’ instead of plants and animals?

Elaine Watson | 
Could a suite of microscopic microbial protein factories (yeast, bacteria, fungi, algae) give plants and animals a run for their ...

Will genetically improved crops be enough to sustainably feed a booming global population?

A growing, increasingly affluent and urban human population is driving demand for more food grown in more-sustainable ways. ... Sustainable ...

Podcast: Bridging the gap between farmers and consumers on GMOs, sustainable agriculture

Kevin Folta, Robert Saik | 
Agronomist and entrepreneur Robert Saik has a lifetime of experience in farming. For years, he has been a leading advocate ...

Is organic farming sustainable? 5 carbon footprint challenges

David Despain | 
Along with unsubstantiated claims of better nutrition and safety, supporters of organic farming often cite its lower carbon footprint as ...
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