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CRISPR-edited eggs offer novel way to eliminate slaughter of newborn male chicks

CRISPR-edited eggs offer novel way to eliminate slaughter of newborn male chicks

Food Navigator | 
[Most consumers] are blissfully unaware that the egg industry also slaughters billions of animals every year, but not to put ...
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Will we ever eat lab-grown meat? Infant industry faces technical hurdles and fickle consumers

Food Navigator | 
Blood, sweat and tears are a given, but we’ll also need to see significant movement in the price and availability ...

Could food of the future come from ‘microbial protein factories’ instead of plants and animals?

Food Navigator | 
Could a suite of microscopic microbial protein factories (yeast, bacteria, fungi, algae) give plants and animals a run for their ...
impossible burger vs beyond burger

Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat dismiss criticism from rival Lightlife Foods as a PR stunt

Food Navigator | 
In an open letter slammed by Impossible Foods as cynical and disingenuous and dismissed by one commentator as a “PR ...

Organic activists sue USDA to nullify and revise bioengineered food labeling standards

Food Navigator | 
The National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard – which requires firms to label ‘bioengineered’ foods and beverages – is unlawful and ...
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Impossible Foods rolls out plant-based GMO burger to 1,700 new stores as COVID-19 strains meat supplies

Food Navigator | 
As more meat plants temporarily close or operate at reduced capacity as coronavirus spreads, plant-based brands “have a window of ...
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FDA has ‘no objections’ to lab-made dairy proteins produced with GMO microbes

Food Navigator | 
Perfect Day, a startup producing milk proteins via microbial fermentation (minus the cows), has secured a coveted ‘no questions/objections’ letter ...
beyond meat

Beyond Meat goes ‘on the offensive,’ blasting critics who claim plant-based burgers are ultra-processed

Food Navigator | 
While its CEO says engaging in an increasingly heated debate over the merits of plant- vs animal-based meat can be ...
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Most food flavorings could be made with GMO microbes, sparing large amounts of farmland

Food Navigator | 
In future, the majority of natural flavors could be produced from microscopic armies of microbes programmed to convert sugars into ...
Beyond Meat Vegan Food

Proposed US law would require Beyond, Impossible Burgers to be labeled ‘imitation’ meat

Food Navigator | 
A federal bill that would require plant-based and cell-cultured meat products to be labeled as ‘imitation’ meat has been welcomed ...
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Will meat, milk and eggs from ‘microbial protein factories’ replace animal agriculture?

Food Navigator | 
“By 2030, the US dairy and cattle industry will have collapsed,” as ‘precision fermentation’ – producing animal proteins more efficiently ...

Animal proteins from GMO microbes: More synthetic food ingredients to launch in 2021

Food Navigator | 
The first three proteins from Motif FoodWorks’ fermentation-based food ingredient platform will be ready for launch in early 2021, says ...
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Impossible Foods defends use of GMO soy in plant-based burger to stand out from competitors

Food Navigator | 
As ingredient choices made by ‘next-generation’ plant-based meat brands attract more scrutiny, with some making a virtue of using peas ...
vegnews sweetearthawesomeburger

Nestlé poised to launch plant-based ‘Awesome Burger’ to compete with Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat

Food Navigator | 
Nestlé’s new ‘cook from raw’ plant-based Awesome Burger (launching in the fall under the Sweet Earth brand in retail and ...

Key ‘non-GMO’ ingredient for next plant-based burger may come from algae

Food Navigator | 
Triton Algae Innovations - a San Diego-based firm building a production platform for food proteins from algae - says it ...

What is ‘clean eating’? Consumers say popular marketing trend is ‘confusing’ and ‘pretentious’

Food Navigator | 
While phrases such as ‘eating clean’ are starting to appear more frequently in consumer marketing, Mintel research shows some consumers ...
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GMO label should be mandatory on refined oils and sugars, says food industry lobby, aligning with anti-biotech groups

Food Navigator | 
Consumers will lose trust in the food industry if USDA does not mandate that refined ingredients such as oils and ...

Finless Foods: Lab-grown fish startup that uses genetic engineering nears commercialization

Food Navigator | 
Finless Foods – one of a new wave of start-ups in the rapidly heating-up cultured fish arena - has raised ...

Non-GMO Project: USDA’s labeling proposal makes us ‘more relevant than ever’

Food Navigator | 
The Non-GMO Project will “only become more relevant” as mandatory GMO labeling kicks in, in part because its scope could ...

Early feedback on USDA’s GMO labeling proposal reveals ‘significant disagreement’

Food Navigator | 
If the first wave of comments to its proposed rule on GMO labeling is anything to go by, USDA’s agricultural ...
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USDA’s GMO food labeling proposal: What you need to know

Food Navigator | 
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has published a long-awaited proposed rule to establish GMO labeling standards (the National Bioengineered ...

Anti-GMO group Moms Across America attacks food brands over trace parts per billion of glyphosate

Food Navigator | 
[G]lyphosate [is] in the spotlight again as anti-GMO activist group Moms Across America released test results suggesting trace levels of ...
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Milk without cows: Commercialization of synthetic dairy products in the works

Food Navigator | 
Berkeley-based Perfect Day – which is creating ‘vegan’ dairy proteins without cows – is in talks with food industry partners ...
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Judge dismisses lawsuit against Dannon alleging consumers misled by ‘all-natural’ dairy products from cows fed GMOs

Food Navigator | 
A judge has granted Dannon’s motion to dismiss a high-profile false advertising lawsuit alleging shoppers were misled by its ‘all-natural’ ...
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‘No GMOs, No Worries’? Milk producers ‘Peel back the label’ campaign challenges anti-science marketing

Food Navigator | 
"Rampant fear-based food marketing" – most notably from brands touting their non-GMO credentials - is damaging consumer trust and “jeopardizing the ...

Judge tosses suit claiming Quaker Oats misled customers because its 100% natural cereals contain glyphosate

Food Navigator | 
A federal judge has tossed a high-profile lawsuit accusing Quaker Oats of misleading shoppers with 100% natural claims on products ...
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USDA plans to publish draft of proposed federal GMO labeling rule this fall

Food Navigator | 
USDA will publish a draft of its proposed federal GMO labeling rule in the fall of this year (which will ...

Mandatory GMO labeling of foods overwhelmingly defeated in Canadian Parliament

Food Navigator | 
Members of the Canadian Parliament voted against approving mandatory labeling of genetically modified [GMO] foods in a vote in the ...
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