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How COVID-19 works to destroy our sense of smell

Leslie Kay | 
[A]nosmia [loss of sense of smell] seen with COVID-19 is present in 30–98 percent of infected people seen in hospitals, ...
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Some COVID-19 survivors may never regain taste or smell, doctors say

Preetika Rana | 
Clinicians racing to understand the novel disease are starting to discern an unusual trend: one common symptom—the loss of smell ...
screenshot losing your sense of smell or taste could mean you have coronavirus even if you have no other symptoms

Losing sense of taste and smell could be ‘early warning sign’ of coronavirus infection

Ashley Yeager | 
Nearly two weeks ago, Alessandro Laurenzi, a biologist working as a consultant in Bologna, Italy, was mowing the grass in his ...
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Do genetics determine what we like to eat? Study finds no ‘smoking gun taste gene’

Chuck Dinerstein | 
A recent genome-wide association study found 17 genetic sites related to bitter beverage consumption ...
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Our powers of perception are boosted by our brain that guesses what’s about to happen

Jordana Cepelewicz | 
Imagine picking up a glass of what you think is apple juice, only to take a sip and discover that ...

Podcast: Why do we like sweet foods? How taste and smell color our sense of the world

Kevin Folta, Linda Bartoshuk | 
University of Florida researcher Linda Bartoshuk has been recognized as an expert on interactions between smell, taste and psychology for ...
Field trial

Uganda’s researchers ready to taste test their GMO vitamin A-enriched banana

Lominda Afedraru | 
The East African cooking banana is one of the major food crops eaten by the people living in central Uganda ...
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