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Evidence mounts that marijuana smokers more vulnerable to false memories

Mark Bruer | 
Cannabis not only induces forgetfulness, it also opens the door for false memories, according to new research. And that’s serious, ...
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We have a marijuana shortage. Bioengineered yeast could solve that problem.

Sarah LaFramboise | 
Yeast are the linchpin of the beer and wine markets. So why not marijuana? ...
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World’s first GMO marijuana plant targets drinkable market

Randy Robinson | 
Well, after years of sensationalist false alarms, it’s finally here: genetically modified cannabis for the commercial market. Created by Trait ...
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Pot smokers with this genetic variant could face addiction risks similar to those who smoke cigarettes

Ricki Lewis | 
Back in the 1960s and 1970s, for those of us who can remember them, marijuana was widely regarded as not ...

Dissecting the cannabis genome in the quest for a better bud and effective medicines

Kaylee Mueller | 
Cannabis cultivators have little firm knowledge about the genetics of the plant. Researchers hope to change that ...
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Pot-smoking study suggests CBD plays key role in protecting a stoned brain

Ed Cara | 
Cannabidiol—the ingredient of cannabis that doesn’t make you high, commonly called CBD—might be the angel to THC’s devil, a new ...
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