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Tomato plants kill their own cells to fight infection

Lauren Quinn | 
When a plant senses an invading pathogen, it [can sacrifice] host cells to the pathogen. This is a tightly controlled ...
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Purple GMO tomato with boosted antioxidant levels could lead to more nutritious produce

Chinese researchers have developed a genetically modified purple tomato rich in anthocyanins, according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Read ...
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Video: ‘If I don’t farm, we won’t eat’: Kenyan farmer illustrates the impact of crop disease in Africa

Steven Oruko Kasamani is a smallholder farmer in Mayoni, Kenya, growing corn, soybean, kale and tomato to support a family ...
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‘Jumping genes’ from tomatoes could help breed next generation of GMO crops

Researchers from the University of Cambridge's Sainsbury Laboratory (SLCU) and Department of Plant Sciences have discovered that drought stress can ...
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Virus-resistant gene-edited tomato won’t be regulated as GMOs, USDA says

Mateusz Perkowski | 
Gene-edited tomatoes that are resistant to common viruses can be introduced into the U.S. without coming under federal regulations for ...
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Video: Fine-tuning beneficial mutations breeds higher yielding tomatoes

Zachary Lippman | 
Unexpected interactions between mutations can be a thorn in the side for plant breeders, especially when they’re trying to promote ...
TM Aunt Molly Ground Cherry Seeds

Taming wild plants with CRISPR gene editing in quest to find new foods

Esperanza Shenstone, Nathan Reem | 
A pilot project with groundcherries demonstrates the huge potential in gene editing wild plants for food ...
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Video: Where did the infamous needle-in-a-tomato anti-GMO image come from?

Nick Saik | 
It’s become something of a personal quest: find the original “syringe-in-the-plant” image. For the last 5 years, I’ve been communicating ...
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Domestication ‘reboot’: CRISPR gene editing turns wild plants into desirable fruits and vegetables

Jonathon Keats | 
Early in the 20th century, a strange tomato plant took root in the northeastern United States. Because of a random ...

CRISPR gene editing yields world’s smallest tomatoes to feed astronauts

Scientists at the National University of Colombia have bred the smallest tomato in the world using DNA from a cherry ...
px a juvenile root knot nematode meloidogyne incognita penetrates a tomato root usda ars

GMO tomato demonstrates ‘high levels’ of resistance to root knot nematode in new study

Root knot nematode is one of the serious problems in growing solanceous crops including tomato. Thus, scientists from the University ...
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New database tracks development of CRISPR-edited plants to spur biotech crop innovation

Recently developed gene editing tools, such as CRISPR / Cas, allow plant scientists to discover the functions of innumerable plant ...
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Spicy tomatoes? Scientists want to produce chili pepper metabolites in CRISPR-edited tomatoes

Ryan Mandelbaum | 
Surely, someone out there has cooked up a shrimp fra diavolo and thought, “mamma mia, this would be much easier ...

Using biotech to turn plants into ‘antifungal factories’ could protect against disease

Researchers [at the Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG) in Spain]  have developed a biotechnological tool to produce .... antifungal ...
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Genetic basis for fruit and vegetable shapes helps tell the story of plant evolution

Merritt Melancon | 
From elongated oblongs to near-perfect spheres, vegetables come in almost every size and shape. But what differentiates a fingerling potato ...
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Plant domestication takes decades. With CRISPR it could take two years

Tina Hesman Saey | 
Gene editing can speed up plant domestication, taming wild vines, bushes and grasses and turning them into new crops. Editing ...
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Viewpoint: CRISPR-edited tomatoes illustrate our newfound power to ‘transform our food’

Stephen Hall | 
LIKE ANY SELF-RESPECTING farmer, Zachary Lippman was grumbling about the weather. Stout, with close-cropped hair and beard, Lippman was standing ...

How the tomato lost its flavor––and the way biotech could bring it back

XiaoZhi Lim | 
Supermarket tomatoes have a sorry reputation for looking great but tasting like cardboard. Short of growing only heirloom tomatoes, the ...
Bacterial spots

Disease-resistant GMO tomato that could eliminate need for copper pesticides blocked by public fears

Paul McDivitt | 
Field trials have shown that a disease-resistant GMO tomato variety eliminates the need for copper pesticides that pollute soil and ...
Tomatoes for sale in a UK supermarket

No rotten tomatoes—Can genetic engineering help create a tastier but still hardy fruit?

Andrew Porterfield | 
From Flavr Savr to today, a history of the genetically modified tomato ...

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