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US, Kenya free-trade agreement could end run African nation’s ‘entrenched’ anti-GMO interests

Bill Tomson | 
Anti-biotech activists and sentiment are entrenched throughout Africa, but U.S. farm groups and businesses are hoping a free-trade agreement with ...
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Why we need globalization: Locally grown food could only feed 27% of the world’s population

It is true that in North America and much of Europe you can grow plenty of wheat locally, but in ...
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Restricting trade to clamp down on coronavirus may lead to food shortages

As COVID-19 spreads around the globe, fears of a deep global recession are mounting. Some also fear that food supplies ...
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UK may lift ban on GMO-derived foods to secure post-Brexit trade deal with US

John Stevens | 
Genetically modified foods from America could end up on British supermarket shelves as part of a US trade deal. Ministers ...
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Parliament pressures EU nations to restrict GMOs with non-binding vote opposing 4 biotech crop imports

Stephen Gardner | 
The European Parliament objected to proposed EU approval to import four genetically modified crops, in a series of Nov. 14 ...
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EU food safety commissioner: Ban on GMO crop imports could spell ‘disaster’ for Europe’s economy

Claire McCormack | 
The fight against the importation of genetically-modified (GM) feed or food in Europe has been labelled as “scaremongering” and “a ...
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Thailand glyphosate ban threatens over $500 million worth of American crop exports, USDA warns

Thailand’s ban on three chemicals used in farming that its government deemed hazardous could threaten imports of American agricultural products ...
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China to increase farm imports from US as two nations call for ceasefire in ‘multibillion-dollar tariff war’

Keith Bradsher, Peter Baker | 
President Trump and President Xi Jinping of China agreed on [June 29] to resume trade talks after a seven-week breakdown, ...

Sen. Chuck Grassley: EU hostility to biotech, conventional agriculture shouldn’t be allowed to ‘scuttle’ trade talks with US

Chuck Grassley | 
When trade representatives visit me to discuss biotechnology products, often the first thing I do is eat a genetically modified ...
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China’s lengthy GMO crop approval process cuts US agriculture profits $5 billion over five years

Jeff Daniels | 
China’s approval process for biotech crops is beset by regulatory hurdles and delays that have cost U.S. companies billions of ...

New North American trade deal boosts US agriculture, fosters biotech innovation, farm group says

Zippy Duvall | 
When NAFTA was signed more than 25 years ago, it was the best trade deal U.S. agriculture had ever seen ...
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US agriculture official slams EU’s ‘backward-looking’ GMO crop import rules

Isis Almeida | 
A U.S. agriculture official took a swipe at the European Union’s import policies in agriculture, a sector America has been ...
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China’s approval of 5 GMO crop imports could fuel investment boom in biotech research

James Collins | 
Lost in the news of contentious U.S.-China trade disputes was a meaningful regulatory approval that will improve agriculture around the ...

CRISPR gene editing offers hope for struggling French seed maker Vilmorin

Gus Trompiz | 
U.S. sanctions against Iran and a slide in Turkey’s currency are contributing to an uncertain short-term outlook for seed maker ...
Viewpoint: USMCA North American trade deal sets precedent for sensible worldwide biotech crop regulations

Viewpoint: USMCA North American trade deal sets precedent for sensible worldwide biotech crop regulations

Robert Arnason | 
In the crop science industry, China has a reputation for taking a long, long time to approve new genetically modified ...

USDA: New US-Mexico trade agreement supports crop biotechnology previously blocked by Mexico

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue ... issued the following statement regarding the announcement on trade between the United States ...
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Viewpoint: Not all US farmers are yet being hurt by the tariff trade war with China—but the future is shaky

Ted Sheely | 
Farmers like to say that you can't count on a harvest until it actually comes in — but I'm ready ...

Should the European Union continue to fund anti-science and unaccountable NGO non-profits?

David Zaruk | 
Public tax money in Europe is being given with limited or no accountability to organizations actively working to undermine consensus ...
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Trade and economic growth, not pesticides, major driver of beehive declines?

Andrew Porterfield | 
Declines in bee health have been blamed on pesticides and other factors. A new study suggests that economic changes may ...
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Is Europe’s opposition to importing GMOs violating trade agreements?

Andrew Porterfield | 
The World Trade Organization ruled that the EU violated treaties when it banned GM imports. What's happened since? ...
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