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‘Failures aren’t for lack of trying’: The quest to find a drug for Alzheimer’s

In February, pharmaceutical companies Roche and Eli Lilly announced that two experimental drugs they had developed for Alzheimer’s disease had ...
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The coronavirus isn’t mutating quickly. That could mean a one-time vaccination against it

The coronavirus is not mutating significantly as it circulates through the human population, according to scientists who are closely studying ...
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All the resources you need in the global battle against the coronavirus

Curious about the state of research into screening and diagnostic tools for the coronavirus? Maybe you want to keep up ...

‘Trojan horse’ ‘TV’ drug shows potential to fight 6 different cancers

A brand new type of cancer drug that acts as a 'Trojan horse' to get inside tumor cells has shown ...
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Researchers launch quest to understand why mental health treatments do or don’t work

Successful mental health treatments can function like a conversation: The brain hears some kind of message — whether it’s from ...
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Genetic tests for autistic people could ‘substantially alter the course of treatments’

Almost as soon as James was born in April 2003, it was clear that he was not well. When he ...

We finally have our first smallpox treatment—just in case

Fear of another smallpox pandemic keep you up at night? You’ll be happy to hear the FDA approved tecovirimat (Tpoxx) on [July 13]. It’s ...

Why does a drug work for you, but not for your sibling or friend? It’s in the genes

If you think you're not getting the same benefit from an over-the-counter medicine you've taken that others are getting, your ...
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Could gene editing, Prozac or choline treat Down Syndrome?

Scientists may be closing in on an effective treatment for Down Syndrome. But questions abound as to the ethics of ...
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