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‘Robust evidence for bisexual orientation among men’: LGBTQ study revision

In , J. Michael Bailey, a sexuality researcher at Northwestern University, and two colleagues showed men who identify as bisexual brief ...
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Why aren’t there more medical and mental health treatments for male infertility?

Although men are just as likely as women to have fertility problems, ads for fertility treatment typically feature women holding ...
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What’s a life worth in dollars and cents? Should that influence who gets treated for expensive disease treatments?

Austin was three years old and Max was a newborn when their mother, Jenn McNary, learned they had a rare ...

Mapping everything we know about Parkinson’s

The possible causes of Parkinson's disease are incredibly varied. A new team of researchers is building a Parkinson's disease map ...
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Viewpoint: Public enthusiasm for genetics tempered by distrust, privacy concerns

Cheaper genome sequencing is expanding our ability to understand risks associated with genetic mutations. But not everyone embraces these advances, ...

Nanotechnology might help farmers fight climate change, pests and disease–and boost yields

Researchers are exploring the impact of using nanoscale nutrients––including copper––on eggplants and other crops. While early results have shown substantial ...

Controversy walks hand-in-hand with the artificial womb, but is it warranted?

Research into the development of an artificial womb has sparked a wide range of conjecture from bioethicists who worry about ...

Alzheimer’s ‘brain health’ quiz likely to scare more than help

Critics question the integrity of a risk assessment sent to prospective patients by NorthShore University Health System's Center for Brain ...
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