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Why the quest to create ‘super babies’ is a ‘fool’s errand’

Scientific American | 
Gene-edited babies should probably always be prohibited, not because of fears of creating inequalities and advantaged “super babies,” but because ...
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Viewpoint: Public enthusiasm for genetics tempered by distrust, privacy concerns

Cheaper genome sequencing is expanding our ability to understand risks associated with genetic mutations. But not everyone embraces these advances, ...
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Viewpoint: We aren’t even close to being able to engineer superhumans

Genetic Literacy Project | 
We know there are genes that contribute to intelligence. But the relationship between those genes and our intelligence is so ...

Viewpoint: Don’t expect the first CRISPR baby to be born in the US

New Scientist | 
The media well and truly pricked up its collective ears when US geneticist Shoukhrat Mitalipov last month showed that he ...
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CRISPR’s high costs may limit development of gene therapy drugs

The ruckus over the CRISPR gene-editing system hides a dark reality: its high cost may make it unaffordable and questions ...

Life hacking: Gene editing won’t solve all of society’s problems

Boston Globe | 
Science is threatening a new era of “market-based eugenics,” whereby gene editing in combination with in vitro fertilization techniques will ...

Is the Broad Institute exploiting its nonprofit status to corner CRISPR business?

When a federal patent court ruled that the nonprofit Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard could legally license its version ...
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What role should society play in decisions about gene editing of human germline?

Scientific American | 
The National Academies of Sciences and National Academy of Medicine [published a report that] suggests limitations on genetic engineering to the ...
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Could CRISPR, gene editing radically affect human evolution?

Time | 
CRISPR-Cas9, the new gene modification tool, which has been heralded as a means for inserting ourselves into evolution, is itself ...
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Could CRISPR gene editing design babies with superior intelligence? It’s complicated

Scientific American | 
“In my opinion, Crispr could in principle be used to boost the expected intelligence of an embryo by a considerable ...

We can test for Alzheimer’s genes. When will we be able to treat it?

Atlantic | 
Recently, my father subscribed to a service that allowed us to mail in a cheek swab to learn about our ...

How gene therapy helped one bubble boy

Atlantic | 
Two-year-old Jameson Golliday was born with X-SCID, or "bubble boy disease," which means he has no immune system. At birth he had ...

Would you edit your genes?

Boston Globe | 
The most difficult thinking about gene therapy involves normally healthy people who have mutations that are highly predictive of a ...
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