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Viewpoint: Reporting COVID-19 data is not ‘rocket science’ – yet US response has been a spectacular failure

Tragically, the United States, unable to match other countries’ response, has tallied the most cases and deaths in the world ...
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Post-Brexit UK may accept GMO crop imports from US, Prime Minister Boris Johnson hints

Boris Johnson has hinted at allowing genetically modified food to be imported from the US after Brexit as he called ...
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China to increase farm imports from US as two nations call for ceasefire in ‘multibillion-dollar tariff war’

President Trump and President Xi Jinping of China agreed on [June 29] to resume trade talks after a seven-week breakdown, ...
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GMO crops still ‘sticking point’ as US-China trade deal moves toward completion

China’s lengthy approval process for genetically modified crops remains a sticking point in talks to end the trade war between ...
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As trade talks progress, China may slow already lengthy approval process for US biotech crops

China may agree to buy more U.S. agriculture commodities and lift onerous trade barriers in the ongoing talks, but unless ...
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US ambassador urges British public to reject protectionist ‘smears’ against American agriculture

[The first week of March] the United States published our objectives for a future trade deal with the UK. We are ...
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As trade talks progress, US says it’s ‘high time’ Europe get over GMO fears

US officials on [February 21] ratcheted up pressure on the European Union to address longstanding agricultural issues between the two ...
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US farmer groups urge UK to ‘break’ with EU’s biotech crop rules

America’s farmers and ranchers are eager for a U.S. free trade agreement with the U.K., but only if the British ...

Senator Chuck Grassley eats GMO corn to show EU that US biotech crop exports are safe

With a new Congress comes new lawmakers and new committee rosters, including new chairmen and ranking members. The Senate Finance ...
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Americans and Russians share strikingly similar views on GMOs

When faced with something new, Russian lawmakers have generally found it easier to ban it than to debate it....A case ...
Viewpoint: How Germany's anti-GMO, pro-organic politics benefit US ag companies

Viewpoint: How Germany’s anti-GMO, pro-organic politics benefit US ag companies

Editor's note: The following is a satirical letter written by Reinhard Szibor, professor emeritus of human genetics and forensic medicine at the ...
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Does plant patent system restrict innovation and hurt small breeders?

The one-size-fits-all approach, that imposes the patent system on the agricultural sector irrespective of the consequences, may not be in ...
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