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Climate change won’t ‘invariably’ cause social collapse—it’s a lot more complicated than that

Currently, global planning bodies are working on their responses to climate and environmental change and public health concerns. Unfortunately, these ...
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Searching for the origins of male aggression: Nature, nurture or both?

Most men are not especially violent, but most people who are especially violent are men. … Now, there’s no real doubt that ...
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Viewpoint: Why the crusade against ‘toxic masculinity’ ignores ‘real-life conditions’

Over the past several years, toxic masculinity has become a catchall explanation for male violence and sexism. The appeal of ...

Breaking down the ‘scientific and statistical sins’ behind reporting on marijuana science

A new book and New Yorker feature are filled with cherry-picked data, oversimplified studies, and scientific errors ...
2-11-2019 bundy

6 things we don’t understand about psychopaths

Journalists and fiction writers and even psychologists and criminologists have gone to great lengths to both mystify and make monsters out of ...

Does living around violence change a child’s brain?

One study suggests that young teens who witness violence exhibit differences in the structure and function of their brains in ...
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Facing extreme danger, are you ‘wired’ to fight or take flight?

"Fight or flight" reactions are much more complicated than we were taught in school. That fact has implications for reacting ...

Evolution and war: The ‘deep roots’ theory of human violence

War has long been viewed as a way for societies to acquire wealth and power, even though it often doesn't ...
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What role might genes play in ‘creating’ terrorists?

As more terrorism sweeps across the globe, scientists begin to look at a biological basis for organized violent behavior ...

How our brains respond to mass shootings

Hollywood and the US government tend to share unrealistic scenarios for avoiding mass shootings. Neither accounts for how our brains ...
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Don’t blame evolution for war

Despite the chance of acquiring wealth and power, whole war doesn't make life better. But engaging in a little violence ...
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