screenshot moms across america director gmos pose risk to children s health

Viewpoint: ‘Conspiracy theorist’ Zen Honeycutt spins tall tales about GMOs, glyphosate weed killer on CBS Los Angeles

If the media has a question about biomedical science, one would assume that a scientist or doctor would be the ...

Viewpoint: Activists promotion of ‘fog of misinformation’ about GMOs challenges science communicators

Activists spend all day peddling nonsense. If they spent that kind of time on constructive issues…sigh. [A] local radio station ...
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Viewpoint: Zen Honeycutt’s ‘inexcusable’ attack on orange growers betrays science

Activist group Moms Across America, run by someone with zero scientific training, makes a living attacking farmers and scientists that ...

‘GMOs Revealed’: Documentary series delivers familiar arguments from the fringe

Multi-part documentary series will be rolled out over nine days, offering familiar voices from the anti-GMO fringe ...
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Anti-GMO activists use FOIA to bully mother-scientist nutrition and lactation expert

USRTK has wielded FOIA requests as a weapon to bully scientists. Michelle McGuire, a globally respected nutrition expert, is the ...
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