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4-19-2018 questttt

Could humans be Earth’s second civilization?

Atlantic | 
“How do you know we’re the only time there’s been a civilization on our own planet?” [said Goddard Institute for ...
4-5-2018 170330-centaurus-constellation-mn-1315_e25629845a6bc5ed671344c35117edbe.nbcnews-fp-1240-520

Searching for life in the universe: ‘We humans are probably not special’

NPR | 
The "exoplanet" revolution of the last 20 years has shown us that the universe is awash in alien worlds. More ...
Robot's artificial intelligence poses unique concerns

Robot’s artificial intelligence poses unique concerns

NPR | 
Should you be scared by [artificial intelligence]? Based on a lecture I just attended, my answer is: "absolutely, but not ...