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Dolezal delusion: Scientists challenge claim there’s no biological basis to racial differences

USA Today | 
The saga of Rachel Dolezal, who recently resigned as president of the Spokane, Wash., chapter of the NAACP after it ...

In Yellowstone’s hot springs, biotechnology revolution was born

Real Clear Science | 
Arguably, the most important enzyme ever discovered was found in a bacterium that lived in one of Yellowstone's hot springs ...

Letter to Dr. Oz: ‘Your rebuttal full of logical fallacies’

Real Clear Science | 
Dear Dr. Oz, As a TV host, book author, and "America's Doctor," you hold a powerful and privileged position to ...
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CDC faced a nearly impossible balancing act with Ebola, and failed

USA Today | 
In an attempt to claim public concerns from turning into mass hysteria, the CDC made some major blunders--some medical and ...

Costco scares consumers about GM, yet most of its products contain GMOs

Real Clear Science | 
Last week, just days after I wrote a very critical article skewering Whole Foods for lying to all of its customers about ...

Future of biotechnology, scientific research threatened by pro-organic misinformation campaigns

Real Clear Science | 
The organic food market is estimated at $63 billion globally, with more than half of those sales occuring in the United States ...
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Genes matter: People marry mates with similar DNA but different immune systems

Real Clear Science | 
DNA research suggests that the adage that opposites attract is off base when it comes to marriage. Humans pick spouses ...

30,000 year-old virus revived

Real Clear Science | 
As a general rule-of-thumb, eukaryotic cells (e.g., amoebae or human body cells) are about 1,000 times bigger than bacteria, and ...

How does Human saliva compare to a Chimp’s?

Real Clear Science | 
Humans (genus Homo) and chimpanzees and bonobos (genus Pan) share roughly 99% of their DNA. But that doesn't necessarily mean we share the same ...

Why do microbes kill some people but not others?

Real Clear Science | 
Why do some horrible infectious diseases kill an unlucky few and ignore millions of others? Perhaps the most infamous example ...

‘Three-parent’ embryos: US should follow UK’s example and prepare for approval

Real Clear Science | 
The UK recently announced plans to approve "three parent" IVF techniques and both the United States and European Union should ...
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Stem cell therapy deserves a dose of skepticism

USA Today | 
Stem cells are at risk of becoming "the new snake oil peddled by 21st century charlatans" without better regulation and ...

Scientific assessment of California Prop 37

Wall Street Journal | 
According to the editor of RealClearScience, biotechnology is being held back by a scaremongering group of environmentalists who seem to ...

GM crops, organic food, & delicious irony

Real Clear Science | 
One of the hallmarks of the organic food movement is a wholesale rejection of much of the agricultural technology – ...

A turning point for GM crops in the EU?

Real Clear World | 
It's not a big secret that many Europeans are afraid of new, cutting-edge technologies. Microbiologist Dr. Anne Glover, the very ...
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