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CRISPR moves from the lab to human trials, targeting blindness, beta thalassemia and sickle cell anemia

Time | 
It’s only been seven years since scientists first learned how to precisely and reliably splice the human genome using a ...
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Antidepressant matchmaker? Genetic test could help identify correct drugs faster

Time | 
Depression is a complicated condition, and so are the people it affects. It’s often difficult — and can take months ...

5 things you should know before buying a consumer DNA test kit

Time | 
Genetic testing kits you can do at home seem to be on many holiday wish lists this year; one even landed ...
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What causes autism? It’s mostly genetic, study says

Time | 
For a condition as complex as autism, it’s almost certain that both genes and environment play an important role. But teasing apart ...

Genetic tests help in diagnosing babies with unknown ailments

Time | 
Within hours of entering the world, little Sebastiana Manuel's entire body froze in a rigid spasm. Her neck twisted, her ...

Healthy and elderly? Genes for cognitive function matter more than those for longevity

Time | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Most studies about disease ...

Genes predisposing childhood cancer identified, point to future treatments

Time | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. As a doctor who ...

Some epigenetic changes in DNA are heritable, and research is beginning to explain how

Time | 
In recent decades scientists have learned that DNA alone is not destiny, and they’ve been focusing on another layer of ...

First baby born through promising new IVF technique using stem cells

Time | 
Doctors in Canada have begun a new chapter in medical history, delivering the first in a wave of babies through ...

Another study confirms vaccines still don’t cause autism

Time | 
In the latest study on the vaccines, researchers find even more evidence that childhood immunizations aren’t linked to autism. In ...

Stem cell cure for ‘bubble boy’ disease breakthrough in treating genetic disorders

Time | 
Alysia Padilla-Vaccaro and Christian Vaccaro owe their daughter’s life to stem cells. Evangelina, now two, is alive today because she ...

Children of older fathers have higher risk of mental illness

Time | 
For so long, mothers – particularly older moms — bore the brunt of responsibility for genetic disorders in their children ...

Study shows diet and exercise changes increase cell telomere length

Time | 
It’s not quite the Fountain of Youth, but it may be the river that leads to it. In a paper ...

Researchers sequence all genes in a cancer-cell database

Time | 
The latest map of all the genes involved in a set of tumor cells exposes which mutations drive cancer and ...

Scientists identify rare gene mutation that protects against Alzheimer’s

Time | 
After years of studying genes that increase risk for Alzheimer’s disease, scientists report the promising discovery of DNA that does ...
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