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NeanderthalSpeech sm e

How, why and when humans became able to talk

New Scientist | 
How and when did we first become able to speak? A new analysis of our DNA reveals key evolutionary changes ...
a woman administering a diabetes injections

Stem cell implants could provide ‘functional cure’ for type 1 diabetes

New Scientist | 
Last week, two people with type 1 diabetes became the first to receive implants containing cells generated from embryonic stem cells to ...
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Careful, your brain may begin to eat itself if you don’t get enough sleep

New Scientist | 
Burning the midnight oil may well burn out your brain. The brain cells that destroy and digest worn-out cells and ...
Screen Shot at PM

Woman’s vision improved after first successful stem cell (iPS) treatment

New Scientist | 
A woman in her 80's has become the first person to be successfully treated with induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells ...
Neanderthaler und Maedchen small x q crop scale

Neanderthals’ legacy genes: Some people taller, protect against schizophrenia

New Scientist | 
Neanderthals are still affecting what illnesses some people develop, how tall they are and how their immune systems work, despite ...
chronic fatigue syndrome s four defining cfs symptoms

Is there a metabolic on-off switch that could prevent chronic fatigue syndrome?

New Scientist | 
Evidence is mounting that chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is caused by the body swapping to less efficient ways of generating ...

Mini brains grown from teeth stem cells reveal secrets of sociability

New Scientist | 
Can tiny brains grown in a dish reveal the secrets of sociability? Balls of brain tissue generated from stem cells ...
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Motherhood changes your brain to connect better with newborn

New Scientist | 
Elseline Hoekzema at Leiden University in the Netherlands and her team compared brain scans of 25 first-time mothers with those ...
robotic hand mn bd a a eb d f b f nbcnews ux

Brain implant allows quadriplegic man to feel touch on robotic hand

New Scientist | 
For the first time, brain stimulation has made it possible for a paralyzed person to experience the sensation of touch ...
conov feature nhgri

First infertile women who used ‘three-parent’ method to give birth in early 2017

New Scientist | 
The first babies to be created using a “three-parent” method to overcome their parents’ infertility are due to be born ...

Despite successful experiment, two-father babies still may not happen

New Scientist | 
Healthy mice have been created using sperm and cells that aren’t quite eggs for the first time. New Scientist questions ...
figure d

Scientists turn mouse’s body transparent to study nervous system–Human brain next?

New Scientist | 
The technique developed by Ali Ertürk of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich in Germany and his team also shrinks ...
wey hr x

Scientists see genes switching off in live human brains for first time

New Scientist | 
The switching-off of genes in the human brain has been watched live for the first time. By comparing this activity ...

Video: Orangutan mimics human speech for first time

New Scientist | 
An orangutan has shown an ability to emulate human speech for the first time — a feat that gets us ...

Headed abroad? Your gut bacteria quickly pick up antibiotic resistance genes when you travel

New Scientist | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Beware the travel bug ...

New device allows women to incubate IVF embryos in own womb

New Scientist | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Women having IVF can ...
sperm meeting egg

First ever petri dish human sperm reportedly grown in France

New Scientist | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis.  Can we really make ...

Genetic ‘switch’ targeting fat cells may help combat obesity

New Scientist | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis.  A master gene that ...

Scotland accused of playing politics, subverting science with GMO ban

New Scientist | 
Scotland’s government has decided to prohibit the growing of genetically modified crops. Their main rationale is to avoid any possibility that premium ...

Speed gene may explain why racehorses getting faster

New Scientist | 
Racehorses have been getting ever faster in races over all distances, a study of finishing times over the past 162 ...

Smokers with Y chromosome at especially high risk for developing cancer

New Scientist | 
Here's another reason for men to quit smoking. Aside from the well-known dramatic increase it causes in the risk of ...

Mice with human brain cells smarter than peers

New Scientist | 
What would Stuart Little make of it? Mice have been created whose brains are half human. As a result, the ...

Computer program reads facial features to identify rare genetic diseases

New Scientist | 
Doctors faced with the tricky task of spotting rare genetic diseases in children may soon be asking parents to email ...

Near-extinct American chestnut trees make comeback with help from genetic modification

New Scientist | 
The near-extinct American chestnut looks set to make a comeback. Genetically modified trees, which are resistant to a deadly fungus ...

Clues in polar bear genes may help understanding of obesity

New Scientist | 
It turns out that the largest land predators alive have a host of genetic tricks to help them survive their ...

Stem cell trial for stroke shows potential for lasting benefits

New Scientist | 
People who received the world's first stem cell treatment for strokes have shown measurable reductions in disability and handicap a ...

Protein in young blood fights aging

New Scientist | 
A protein in blood can repair age-related damage in the brains and muscles of old mice, returning them to a ...

Pig heart transplants successful in baboons, offer hope for human organ shortage

New Scientist | 
The unprecedented survival of pig hearts in four baboons for almost 600 days has revived hopes that animal organs could ...
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